Tell Me More at academic gallery

Whoa, it's been a while since I've posted on here, but what the hell, here are some images from my most recent show Tell Me More at academic gallery.  This was a three person showing featuring lovely works by Jen Dwyer and Mary Negro - two of my favorite artists around town.  I made the paintings, Mary made the drawings and Jen made the sculptures. 

If it wasn't obvious, Jen made a bunch of vaginas that were in triangle shapes and were placed around her other sculptures. They were a direct response to Trump's pussy grabbing comments. That's all I'm going to say about that because thinking about Trump for too long is just depressing for humanity. Mary's drawings were down right incredible in their meditative like detail. If you'd like to see the full close ups of each of my works, check out my website.  Hope you enjoy the images of the show! I know we enjoyed participating in it. 




Duane St. Hotel Mural!

Last week I was given the rad opportunity to paint a mural on a temporary wall over at the Duane Street Hotel in Manhattan. The wall is covering some construction as they build out a new space for their restaurant. 

The concept for the mural was one that embodied designs and styles from Persia, Morocco, Asia, France, America, and Mexico - all of which are some primary influences of Jehangir Mehta, the executive chef for the new restaurant.  I've eaten at Mehta's restaurant Graffiti before and his ability to mix an array of flavors from various cultures into one simple and beautiful palette is outstanding. It was fun to create a work that captured the flavor of Mehta's vision while feeding my desire to expand common cultural structures and shapes in a way that made them ambiguous and yet are united and leveled by their color palette. 

The base gray and browns for the color palette were chosen from colors that existed in the hotel lobby already. Since the space had a lot of orange tones, I added blues to contrast add coolness to the warm color scheme of the hotel.  The gradients were an excellent way to add some depth, while later, the glossed chevrons added a surprise dynamic that made the mural engaging. I was happy to incorporate the chevrons in this subtle way, since my last mural was nearly all chevron. 

Drawing was a key part of this mural. I drew out the designs to familiarize my eye and hand with what shapes needed to be made. From there I used my sketches to freehand the drawing onto the walls. This was a careful and concentrated task - but fun. 

After drawing I filled in a lot of base colors and textures, then I moved into creating the dark lines that would begin the finalizing process of the mural. The final lines required even more concentration, but at times felt a little easier to make since my arm had already done it once. Precision was easier and the result was pretty gratifying. 

Later I added gradients to give the mural some depth it was needing. It was feeling very flat and this added a dimension that made it much more pleasing to look at. 

I taped out my chevrons and began to gloss. It was fun to using so much gloss at once with a big roller - I will definitely be using this again. Fisk and I had a great conversation about tints and gloss that will definitely come up with another mural in the future.

Peeling the tape was the last step! Then some photos of the finished mural below!

Forever and always I'm eternally grateful for Fisk when I get projects like these. He was so helpful in the process of making schematics, critiquing the mural in process, and of course, taking amazing photos that I then get to post on this blog for you. Thanks Fisk!! 




Our collective Gowanus Swim Society is hosting an art party this Saturday as part of Gowanus Open Studios from 6pm to close. We have a lot of really cool things lined up : Performance and video art selected by curatorial assistant Alex Sloane of PS1 from 6 to 9, live bands from 9 to midnight, drinks and telestrations all night. Come see the latest works that Gowanus Swim Society members have made in our exhibition on view through out the evening. Here are the details:

@ Halyards
406 3rd Ave
Gowanus, Brooklyn
6pm - close
Video & Performance Art
Live Bands: Big Huge, Sam Yield, & The Casey Hopkins Duo
Exhibition by Gowanus Swim Society on view all night

I'll be there from around 7pm onward - so come have a drink and chat with me. I'm off to send out the wedding invitations, see ya Saturday!



Good Morning on a Tuesday

The beginning of Fall gives the first glimmer of the Seasons. For me, Summer is a time of discomfort - discomfort from humidity, missing the beaches of Southern California, and being assaulted by the aggressiveness that Summer gives to the people of New York. This Fall feels especially exciting, so this is an introductory post before it all happens.

Good Morning from the Grand Havemeyer
Last night Fisk and I spent hours deciding what songs to play at the wedding, it was a fun and emotional thing to do, but one well worth doing. There will be no such wedding march at this wedding.

We've both moved to the upstairs rooms in our apartment - with much remodeling still to do. Starting with the creation of a small library above the loft space.

I'm catching up with some Gowanus Swim Society duties in preparation for special art events in October.

This week I'm focusing on how to begin learning Spanish. I'll be doing some cross training as a HSKP Supervisor soon and will be relying on my genetic disposition for speaking Spanish. All of my older relatives can do it, so it should come easy to me with effort and practice.

That's all I have time for in my life lately, Art, Wedding, Home Renovations, and the Hotel.

Bye for now ~ Time for yoga.




I'm going on hiatus from my blog for a while, it's just been a little too much to narrate.  My plans for January & February are to hibernate and finish a new body of work. I need to spend some serious alone time with my work & myself. You can find me on Instagram or check out my website for details about my art activities. Love you. 


Confluences of Culture V @ Walter Wickiser Gallery

I'm super excited to be included in this group show at Walter Wickiser Gallery this December. Please join myself and Fisk for a great opening on Thursday December 11th from 6 - 8PM, we would both love to see you there! 

Confluences of Culture V
Opening December 11th from 6pm - 8pm
December 2nd - December 31st 2014
Artists Include: 
Jenny Casey, Wen Chi, 
Kellyanne Hanrahan, Natalie Lomeli, 
Jannell Turner, & Yuko Ueda 

Walter Wickiser Gallery
210 Eleventh Avenue Suite 303
New York, NY 10001
Gallery Hours: Tuesday through Sunday 11am - 6pm


Matisse & Friends @ MoMA

Courtesy of John Fisk

Fisk and I went to the big Matisse Cut-Outs show at MoMA a couple weeks ago- it was a mad house. All the other floors were empty, the Robert Gober show was really fun, Sturtevant was awesome, the end.